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  • Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia Volume 1: 101 Games and Activities to Teach Your Child to Read

    • Rhyming, racing, blending, tracing—fun exercises to help kids (7-12) with dyslexia strengthen their reading skills
    • Learning to read with dyslexia can be a challenge for kids, but it’s a challenge they can conquer—with the right tools.
    • Using a targeted approach to skill development, Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia features more than 100 colorful games and activities that strengthen auditory processing skills, support letter formation in writing, and, most importantly, make reading fun!Volume 1

    This workbook filled with dyslexia tools for kids offers:

    • Daily practice―This standout among dyslexia books gives kids opportunities to practice their reading skills with exercises focused on phonemic awareness, dysgraphia, and auditory processing disorder.
    • Playful activities―Kids will delight in exploring everything from phonics games to mazes, word association, matching, coloring, listening, and more.
    • 6 Different learning methods―Get a dyslexic reading aid for kids that’s built on multiple research-based approaches to learning, giving kids a chance to see what works best for them.
    • Turn kids into lifelong readers, and help them along the road to overcoming dyslexia with fun-filled games that build their skills and confidence.

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