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    What are the delivery charges for purchased items?

    We charge $10 BDS per checkout.

    How long will delivery take?

    This depends on the actual time the order was placed. In general, all orders will be delivered within 24 hours.

    Where can I view my sales receipt?

    Your sales receipt will be sent to the email address you provided.

    On Which Days Do You Operate?

    Our delivery and support team operate from Monday to Saturday.


    How is the recipient reimbursed?

    The reimbursment will be sent directly to the customers bank account, after which there will be an email from us confirming the transaction.

    Can I be reimbursed through the original payment method?


    Do you provide shipping and what are the rates?

    Yes we do. However we will focus strictly on local deliveries during our first year of operation. After this we will open our doors to the regional and global market, expanding your customer base. Rates are yet to be determined but rest assured they will be competitive.

    How are vendors paid?

    Vendors are paid (7) days after a transaction is completed in compliance with our return policy.  Currently payments can be made via mMoney or Direct Bank Transfer.

    Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

    This is up to the individual store(s) selling the product(s)


    What exactly happens after ordering?

    After customers make a purchase, we will email a receipt directly to the email address provided. The order will then be processed and delivered to the specified location within the aforementioned time frame.

    How long do customers have to return an order?

    Assuming there is a problem with the product or service, all refund requests should be made within a 7 day period.