• Riri & Kiki Teach Bajan Dialect: (Volume 2)

    • Bajan Dialect is an evolving and complicated language to which there are no fixed rules, this book layout and explains the patterns that are easy to follow and learn.
    • Bajan is an English base dialect/creole Language spoken by Barbadians at home and across the diasporas. It began evolving from the early years of colonization when the English landowners forced the African slaves to speak the English language instead of their native language.
    • Bajan Dialect is widely spoken across the island by the majority of the population, although English is considered the standard language in print and business. 
  • Riri & Kiki Teach Pig Latin (Riri And Kiki) (Volume 1)

    • Pig Latin as spoken in Barbados 
    • The version created on the plantations
    • Learn to speak it in minutes 

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